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9 signs you are in a committed relationship with the coffee

The coffee is the favourite drink to a lot of people. Most of them cannot imagine the beginning of the day without a cup of coffee. If you consider yourself one of them and you really enjoy its taste, you will surely see yourself in the following phrases:

1. That’s the first thing one thinks of while waking up

You can barely see anything but you are already in the kitchen, looking for the cup and the pot or the machine in order to prepare it. That’s the key thing in order to really wake up.

2. It has the ability to change your day

You remember the days when everything seems to be going wrong? Well, just when you think that this one could be the case, there comes the coffee and changes everything! The birds keep singing and the clouds are not that dark anymore. A single cup of coffee have saved you again and again!

3. You find it strange when someone says he likes tea better than coffee

Ohh come on! What planet do you come from?? Maybe you won’t say it out loud but when someone says he prefers tea over coffee you feel somehow offended. You simply can’t get how they dare underestimate that incredible drink!!

4. Everyone knows how much you love coffee

Just like the lovers tend to talk about each other,that’s how you talk about your favourite drink and you are not afraid to show it! You always find a way to mention the coffee, even if it’s a simple comment in question.

5. You know very well that the distance makes the heart grow fonder

…but this does not mean you are willing to test it! You are happy with your cup of coffee and you do not want to leave it!

6. You feel like a cheater if you go to a different coffee bar

If you really enjoy your cup of coffee, the chances are you also have a favourite coffee bar. So whenever you buy a coffee from a different place you feel like a cheater. 

7. You simply need it

You can’t go a day without taking at least one cup of coffee and you are not afraid to show it! Maybe you are not a fan of such a relationships, but you just need it! As simple as that!

8. Its smell relaxes you

Remember how the smell of your favourite person brings joy to your life. Well, so can do the smell of a fresh prepared coffee.

9. You can’t remember a day that you didn’t take coffee

You surely didn’t grow up drinking coffee, however it’s so strange for you that there was a time when you didn’t drink coffee. It might sound awful but your life changed after the first cup of coffee.


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  1. You know you’re in a committed relationship with coffee when a policeman pulls you over early in the morning and you have no idea WHY. He asks where were you headed and you reply that you were desperate to get to the grocery store because you had run out of coffee creamer for your coffee!! True story. LOL. I love my coffee but I can’t drink it black! The officer wanted to remind me to update my car inspection sticker. He said it quickly and then let me go so I could get to the store. LOL.

  2. So I am a coffee lover, good to know that. I especially like the smell of coffee. I grew up drinking tea but came to like coffee in my adulthood. Good thing my drinking of coffee has influenced some of my friends in finding delight in drinking it. And….I like the taste of coffee.

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