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Strange Facts About Every US State ~ G, H & I

Continuing with a new series of the strangest facts about each one of the United States. 


1. One state, one governor, that’s how it works, right? Not for Georgia. Back in 1947, in what’s known as the Three Governors Controversy , the state election produced a candidate who seemed to be elected with irregular votes, an outgoing governor refused to leave, and an elected lieutenant governor who declared himself the successor.

2. Georgia was the headquarters for the civil rights movement and home to Martin Luther King, Jr. 


1. Hawaii is the only state in the US where coffee is grown commercially. Kona coffee grown on the big island is considered the best of the state.

2. More than 60 movies have been filmed in Kauai’s tropical rain forestincluding Jurassic Park. Other famous movies that were filmed in the rain forest include: the Descendants (2011) and Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) among others.


1. The tallest man in the world was born in Alton, Illinois, on 22 February 1918. When last measured on 27 June 1940, he was found to be 8 ft 11.1 in tall. The mighty man–ROBERT WADLOW– had an arm span of 9ft 5.75 in. 

2. The Chicago River is the one of the few in the world that flows backwards. A system of three canals was built from 1892 to 1922 to reverse the flow and empty sewage into the Mississippi, instead of Lake Michigan.


1. Christmas lives in Indiana year round. In 1856, the town of Sante Fe changed its name to Santa Claus so that they could open their own post office (another town had already claimed Santa Fe).

2.There is a road in Amity, Indiana, with a gravesite right in the middle of it. In 1831, Nancy Barnett, whose husband was a descendant of Pocahontas was buried on a hill that overlooked Sugar Creek.


1. Two of the biggest classic film stars were native Iowans. Marion Morrison  (John Wayne)  was born in Winterset, Iowa, in 1907. His family moved to California when he was just six. Donna Mullenger was born fourteen years later and 120 miles to the northwest in Denison, Iowa. She changed her name to Donna Reed when she signed with MGM in 1941. 

2.There are more hogs than humans in Iowa. As of 2013, the state’s hog population was 21 million animals, whereas the human population was around three million.


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Written by Carol DM

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  1. the Chicago river (due to pollution) had to be reversed because Lake Michigan was the drinking water (and still is) for Chicago!

    Indiana lived there for 35 years in three different stints. James Dean was born in Indiana. Major Taylor one of the greatest bike racers of all time was born in Indianapolis!

    LOVE THIS SeriES!!!!!!!!

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