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Strange Facts About Every US State ~ "C"

Continuing with a new series of the strangest facts about each one of the United States. 

Since there are no “B” states, I will continue with these three “C” state questions.

1.  California: The fortune cookie’s origin was in San Fransisco. No, it’s not an ancient Chinese tradition: The fortune cookie found in your Chinese takeout bag seems to have originated with a baker in San Francisco’s Chinatown in the 1890s.

2.  Colorado: Aspen says NO to snowballs. To be more specific, Aspen has a law against launching any kind of missile or projectile. This includes stones and yes, snowballs. This law was put in place in an effort to protect the local buildings.

3.Connecticut: Birthplace of the Lollipop. The Lolly Pop was actually the name of a racehorse, believe it or not. The first trademarked Lolly Pop candy was created in New Haven.

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Written by Carol DM


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