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Special Happenings in my Garden

I have had three Rose of Sharon bushes in my yard for 12 years now. They always produce white blooms with a pink center. Two years ago something amazing happened, and yesterday after a big thunderstorm and lots of rain, it happened again. I noticed these purple blooms. Of course I grabbed my camera and took lots of pictures. I usually have all white blooms.

I know with my Hydrangea the color of the blooms can change due to the acid in the soil. But I have never heard of this happening with the Rose of Sharon. They are also in the Hibiscus family.  

These flowers have been around for as long as I can remember. In fact my Grandmother always had them looking in her yard. But she too had the white blooms.

I researched this subject again, after seeing this happen this year. It can be a genetic issue as well as something as simple as a bird dropping a seed from another rose of sharon bush. 

I read a Harvard article about a lady that wrote in to her local co-op with the same question I have and here is part of the response, to quote part of it here..  

“Many … horticultural varieties are the result of the never-ending process of spontaneous mutations that occur in all organisms and serve to create novel traits—the very stuff of evolution. You are seeing something very special happen on that Rose of Sharon. Enjoy it!”

 Whatever the reason I will enjoy the purple for as long as possible. Nature has surprised me once again. Below is a photo of the white rose of sharon I have on all three bushes. Above is the purple one. I saw three of these today.

Photos ©CarolDM

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Written by Carol DM

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    • That is great to hear of others experiencing the same Robin. Each article I read seems to offer another possibility, which tells me nobody really knows the true answer. So I will just enjoy the beauty!

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