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Spring in Perth

I grew up with pollen allergies but spring remains to be my favourite season of the year. Here are some photos to show why I love spring  🙂

1. Big fragrant roses

Like a typical woman, I’m a sucker for roses. Spring brings out the biggest and liveliest blooms. They are most fragrant too. It’s like mother nature had just spilled a generous amount of perfume for the world to savour.


2.  Sakuras outside Japan

I’ve always dreamt of going to Japan to see lines of sakuras or cherry blossoms. But since I’m out of budget for an airfare, the Raeburn Orchard in Perth is where I go! It is a must go destinations for Perthians to go during springtime for their “Japan Feel Pictorial”.


3. My favourite flowers, tulips, starts to bloom.

Tulips are known for being really expensive and really hard to grow. During spring time, you can see an abundance of them in Araluen Botanical Park. It’s another Perth must see on spring. You’ll see other flowers in the park too. It’s a perfect place for family picnics and of course pictorials. 

4. Fresh floral smell in the air!  

As I said earlier, there is something in the air in spring! I am allergic to pollen grains but still I can’t help but sniff. I will always love spring no matter how runny my nose gets.


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