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Seagulls, Sunset and Sea

Happy July, friends! I haven’t visited the site very frequently lately, but I decided to share a photo I took recently. As you probably already know, I love nature and sunsets. I also like taking photos of them, and I think that birds always improve these pictures. My friends the seagulls decided to help me take this photo. 

Do you like seagulls? A lot of people dislike them, because they are noisy birds, and some even call them the rats of the sky. What do you think? I personally love them and you can see that in some of my older posts:

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    Do you like seagulls?

    • I love them!
    • They are okay.
    • I hate them!
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    Do you think that seagulls are the rats of the sky?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Are you scared of seagulls?

    • Yes
    • A little bit
    • No


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  1. I do consider them rats of the sky, but I also think they are beautiful, except for being so dirty in some locations. Sometimes there are just too many of them.

  2. We live near Lake Michigan so there are a lot of gulls and terns in my neighborhood. Sometimes my wife and I will bring a bag of stale chunks of bread down to the lake and feed them. If you throw the pieces up in the air, they will get quite close. I’ve even had them take them from my hands.

  3. A very beautiful photo. I love walking along the shore and listening to seagulls up above. I have been to Atlantic City and fed them fries by throwing them up into the air for them to catch.

  4. As always, your bird pictures are perfect! Now the poll questions were interesting. Seagulls are beautiful, but well rats of the sky is a pretty apt description of them.

  5. I would like this photo on the wall of my room .It’s beautiful.I love Seagulls . .so without them you can not imagine the sea ..The seagull and the sea are an inseparable connection.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I agree with you completely about the seagulls. And I think that birds always make the sunset even more beautiful. 🙂