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Ugly Ducklings – A Swan Family In Pomorie

One of my favorite things about this October is the swans I saw on the sea in Pomorie. I’ve seen swans there before both on the lake and on the sea (read more here), but this time it was a whole family and they had three young children.

Adult swans are absolutely gorgeous and the young ones are very cute. It’s an amazing experience to see something unexpected in an ordinary place. Especially, at sunset.

I took a ton of photos, but I’ll share just a few now. I watched them for a whole week before I got home. I had the chance to observe their behavior, which is very interesting, by the way. The father was protecting the family and hissing at the dogs that were on a walk by the seaside.

There were so many people who feed them, and the seagulls took advantage too. Pomorie is definitely a great place for bird lovers and bird watchers.

More birds of Pomorie: Pied Avocet and Seagulls


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  1. I’ve often wondered about the “ugly duckling” thing. Would ducklings count as “ugly cygnets”? That story was presumably meant to teach the lesson that we can all be prejudiced against others – animals or people – who don’t fit in. It’s a very good anti-racist sermon!


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