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Happiness Is Baby Animals – Just For Fun

One of the most precious things for me is seeing wild animals, especially their little ones. It is just so special to see the interaction between them, and how different or similar they are to humans.

This cute little birdie is the baby of that black-winged stilt I wrote about recently. One of the sweetest and most amazing moments I witnessed is how the mother hid her two little babies under her wings.

These birds were very protective to their children and they were noisy and visibly uncomfortable by the people at the like. However, the little ones didn’t really care that much, they were busy playing and exploring the lake. 

See more details about Kim’s challenge here.

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  1. We live alongside the Berg River wetlands, which teem with birdlife, but my dog killed a few of their young when she was younger, so my memories are mixed :(/:)…

  2. since daylight saving, it is cool when i go to the nature hikes, and i notice lots of cute wildlife families. the parents are very protective of their babies.gosling, ducklings, baby turtles swimming, brown bunnies, lizards, frogs, and birds, which reminds me I just ran out of birdfeed. also, i noticed some Monarch butterflies, ladybugs, and other insects.