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Photo #1: Colorful dish

I joined 365 Project website for quite some time, but I have never really work on it. I was inspired after reading @LaJenna‘s posts and plan to give it a try, again. I might not post a photo in this challenge everyday, but I am going to make it to Photo #365.

I cooked this simple dish for yesterday’s lunch, together with fried rice. There were Chinese cabbages, green bell peppers and mushroom. I decided to add some tomato cubes to make it more colorful, and my kids like it. I don’t know what style it is, but I usually just like to check what ingredients I have and put everything I like in one dish. I like it to be more colorful as I read that it helps us to gain more nutrition. I forgot to add carrots!


Picture credit: @kaka135

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  1. I may want some chicken or Turkey in the dish for protein. This is very much like what I eat everyday. A whole bunch of veggies with some meat.

    • I used to add some slices of chicken or pork meat, but nowadays I seldom cook meat at home. So this is usually what I cook at home, with different vegetables.

  2. Great looking meal, and thank you for the mention. Remember to put the number down. Like put #1 of the 365 day photo challenge, so you know what number you need to post next.