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Photo #7: Vegetable soup with fish balls

It was the second day of my 10 day gut repair challenge, and this was the dish we had for both lunch and dinner. I was having bad headache, so I took a long nap, and my husband prepared this soup. I was so glad as I was thinking of having soup too. It’s just simple soup with Chinese cabbage and tomato, and added some fish balls. My husband added a few slices of ginger into the soup too, and it made it taste much nicer.


Picture credit: @kaka135 

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    • I heard about adding coconut cream into soup, but I haven’t try that before. Spices and ginger make the soup tastier always. 🙂

      I actually rarely try adding ginger into soup. I didn’t know it makes it taste so good. 😀

    • I didn’t like to drink soup when I was young. Then when I was older, I realized that I actually didn’t like the soups that are cooked with meat (either pork or chicken), I found them oily and have a smell of meat. I prefer vegetable soups.

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