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Other Flowers for ~ Macro Monday

After looking at some photos for Macro Monday today is about the beautiful raindrops on flowers, besides the other flowers, I want to add a similar beauty to share on this weekly challenge. This is a picture of raindrops in orange jessamine (Murraya paniculata or the synonym name of Murraya exotica L.) that I took two weeks ago.

Before you slide down, can you imagine how big the size of this flower is?

Actually, I have posted the fruit of the plants or these flowers that have this special fragrance a few times. This flower, even though they have a similar aroma, their fragrant is stronger than jasmine. Talking about the fragrance of flowers, I often ask myself, have I scented the earth through my presence?

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    Do you agree that flowers can be good symbols of our existence in the world?

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    Can you estimate the size of this flower by looking at this picture?

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What do you think?

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  1. Well if I am to pick my own symbol of existence, I would go for birds. Flowers are pretty but dainty. And this flower is of smaller than small size similar to our local Sampaguita which is a variant of Jasmine. It has a sweet smell which reminds me of either ghosts or saints ???

    • Thanks for the compliment, Sharon. Actually, as I said, I’ve posted this flower or fruits a few times with the description include its size, but I’m quite sure that some people have forgotten the explanation. That’s one of the reasons I made that guess. lol

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