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Ngabuburit ~ Black & White Friday

This Friday is the eighteenth day of the Muslim community in my country running the fasting month of Ramadan. Fasting is done from dawn which is called Subuh until the full sunset sun is called Maghrib. Fasting is done by not eating or drinking at all during the specified time, as well as not to think, speak bad things, or behave negatively.

If we are on the road in the afternoon a few hours before Maghrib, then we will see or feel how people try hard to get home to break their fast with family at home, or with friends, or with other groups. During the fasting month, usually, there are always many invitations to do such a joint iftar event which is not only done by fellow Muslims but also with other religious people.

In addition, there are also people who carry out various activities whose purpose is to spend time to break their fast. In Jakarta or in certain areas, especially West Java and Banten, this activity is called Ngabuburit, which is a term from Sundanese (the language of West Javanese and Bantenese people) which means seeking amusement and distractions while waiting for the day’s fast to end.

As far as I know, fasting is also part of the worship of other religions even though the rules and procedures are different. I myself did not carry out fasting in that worship, but also often did it for other spiritual intentions. For me, fasting means refraining from indulging in any form of lust, which means more than just not eating and drinking for a certain amount of time, which also means that it needs to be done forever. Moreover, scientifically such fasting also provides many benefits, both for physical and psychological health.

The photo above is a picture that I took when I wanted to attend an invitation from a relative who lived in the suburbs. I could feel various atmosphere before breaking fast on that day; those who want to get to their destination immediately, those who are Ngabuburit, those who prepare drinks and food to be served to break their fast, whether at home, at the mosque or at other places.

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  1. Even with us, it is a couple of days in the year when we are supposed to fasten, but I do not know exactly when and why … I do not hold these customs … I do not remember to ever fast … maybe on a Friday Friday when it should not Eat pork

  2. I agree that the post also gives many benefits for both physical and psychological health. We also have no meat, alcohol, and sex for 40 days before Easter and Christmas. I do it on Friday before Easter.

  3. I have never fasted before … the only time I changed my diet for a “religious” purpose was for my cousin, and that to me wasn’t even for a religion purpose. But its the last thing we could do for my cousin.

    • Eat once a day is fasting the Catholic way, isn’t it?
      Personally, I do various types of fasting for various important intentions*, such as full fasting (without eating, drinking, smoking and sleeping) for three days which we call Patigeni, or fasting 24 hours and only breaking fast for 15 minutes for three days, Mutih fasting (only eating white rice and water) every day for 3 or 7 days, and various other fasts. Btw, when I write this, I’m tempted to challenge you to do one of it… Hehehe…

      • Mutih fasting is something I can do maybe altho eating only rice (no coffee? I cannot function without coffee) is kinda boring ?. I can live with only bread and water but haven’t tried with rice and water only. No to Patigeni only bcoz sleep is something I cannot forego.

        I do not understand the part that said “breaking fast for 15 minutes”. Does it mean no sleep-eating-drinking-smoking for 3 days but can do whatever in that 3 days for 15 minutes only? Does that part belong to Patigeni?

  4. Fasting is not only muslim religious festival , but all major religion speak about it, It is the months blessings from God.

    Nehemiah 1:4
    When I heard these things, I sat down and wept. For some days I mourned and fasted and prayed before the God of heaven.

    He who controls the senses by the mind and engages his active organs in works of devotion, without attachment, is by far superior.”(BG 3.7)

  5. We also have Muslims in our country but unfortunately, I haven’t given a chance to learn about their culture and tradition. Yes, I also benefit during these religious festivities because holidays are implemented for all government offices. Thank you for sharing this information.


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