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Monkey Grass is Blooming

Monkey Grass plants are used as a border plant around my front garden. When I first planted it I had no idea it would bloom. So cool to see these pretty purple blooms. Another plant that I cut back and it returns each spring. 

All monkey grass fall into one of two groups:  Liriope and Ophiopogon. Mine are in the Liriope group with the big purple blooms. The Ophiopogon have tiny white clusters of blooms.

There is a Nandina bush growing behind the monkey grass in this photo. I will talk about it later.

Perennials are my favorite. Not much maintenance at all with these plants. And they refer the shade.

Photo ©CarolDM2019

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Written by Carol DM


  1. I often wonder why plants have some of the weird names they have. This is one for sure. I think its a great border for the bushes that turn such cool fall colors. The blooms look kind of like my sage.

  2. This is interesting I have a plant like that called “The Spider Plant”, and I was told it was a New Zealand native.
    It does not have flowers and it grows with a root attached I will take a picture of it and you can see it.
    I have it in a tree that I put in a pot, and it seems to thrive.

  3. I have no Monkey Grass but I have just added Lemongrass as I feel it is a necessity for herb gardens. I am just starting to get new plants in here. I always appreciate a plant that blooms in the Fall.