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Is that a sign I see, or is it a sign?

One of the things I have always enjoyed is finding a unique sign. I have, as my father and my grandfathers before me, taken 100’s of pictured of various signs — the wrong way, no U-turn and so on. The no u-turn one was fun when the kids started to read. They used to read every sign we encountered when they would say No U-Turn I would look at them and say No, you turn. One of my favorite dad jokes of all time is while driving somewhere you see the sign that says Chicago Left. You tell everyone in the car, “Since Chicago Left, it is time to go home.” In the 1970s the US began a more politically correct version of traffic signs that now included a picture of what was supposed to happen.

That got me thinking about signs for the internet. Remember the human! That is Reddit slogan and one that I like. There are many more that would be useful to have. Reload, reboot, check your connection would all be useful signs to pop up. Anyway, there are other places signs would be useful that they aren’t there today. Like when you are standing in the line waiting for security at an airport. “That person is moving from foot to foot and look anxious, isn’t someone out to do bad. It’s a business traveler, and they are late!” Or another one “security gate ahead, please take off your shoes before! It’s funny sometimes when you consider where we have signs and where we don’t have signs.

The new world of Digital Signage is also expanding and interesting. Digital signage allows me to push an image, slide or video and a screen that either loop (continues to play) or does a slide show.

I know signs are not something everyone thinks about. I also know I take a lot of sign pictures. My grandfather’s both took pictures of odd signs. My father took 100’s of pictures of odd and strange signs. It is a genetic thing I guess. I do love thinking about signs and their impact. The next sign I need is a timer that says stop being online and get to work!

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  1. Sometimes, I think…Don’t we need a sign where a person knows he’s not supposed to enter a house or room with his shoes on? Someone sees the pain you’ve gone in laying the carpet on the floor but just enters with his shoes on. The carpet should be sign but I guess one that he comes across at his standing-eye level might be better.

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