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I was born at the right time

I was born and raised in a time when it was common for students in schools to learn and not to socialize; when after school books were more appealing than phones, because the latter simply did not exist. Therefore, talking was much more common than scrolling.

I was born when we did not live in excess of things and grew up being taught to appreciate what I have – maybe that’s why I still prefer moderation and minimalism today; I don’t really need to have everything to fill a banal void somewhere deep inside.

I am grateful that we are living in times when information and knowledge are not exclusive privileges; at a time when stereotypes and roles are disappearing. I am grateful that we are living in times when information and knowledge are not exclusive privileges; at a time when stereotypes, frames, and roles are disappearing.

And what I am most excited about is that today I am living in a world where we are learning to talk about sensitive issues and expressing our feelings, we are learning to openly accept each other’s differences, and finally, we are no longer afraid of being imperfect.

I know you could list me a dozen reasons why these times are not so great. I know that things are happening in the world that leads to the abyss in small steps. I know it. But I do believe that looking at inspirational, positive, delightful things can go beyond sad complaining, gray hair counting or trying to predict a bad promising future.

After all, this positive energy is the one that leads to change. The change at the beginning of which we are ourselves. In small steps. Sincerely. Consciously.

So yes, it really does look like this to me – I was born neither too early nor too late. I was born at the right time.

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  1. I am also grateful I was born at a time when technology was breaking through. When the jokey disk was doing the round, video tapes, radio cassettes and computer diskettes we’re being used back then.
    I am also good t be living in an informative world whereby much information is easily accessible.

  2. The evolution of being in an information age is interesting. We are in the beginnings and much is yet to change.

    Arguments can now be solved with verified facts.
    People live on average 70 years around the world.

    It is as the Chinese curse goes, living in interesting times.

  3. I am glad about the time I was born but still, it made it frustrating for me as I grew and learned about the 1950s and the 1960s. I was born in 1957 and when I discovered rock and roll I was sorry I could not have been part of the teenagers of the 1950s and then I was just a child in the 1960s and was sorry I could not be a part of the hippy generation.


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