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Moderation and balance

January, the first month of the year, will end soon… What about New Year’s promises? Have you moved forward at least as much?

You know, maybe that new beginning and all those clean white pages are overrated – because we don’t need them anymore? We need a sequel, not a new beginning. We need the same stuffed, written page that we zealously wrote day from day, a year from a year, the entire life. We need it so that we would not forget our history, our way, our lessons learned. And discoveries that refute the myths that were once in mind.

The truth is that the annual membership of a chic sports club acquired on the first day of the year does not mean a fresh start. Just like a chocolate bar you just ate does not mean an end of promises to lose weight. Just live on. Without self-frustration and guilt. That feeling of guilt will take you back to the store, back to those chocolate bars. And not because you want chocolate, no! It is only because of the dazzling feeling of guilt and conscience that we no longer hear signals sent by yourself or your body. Finally, you try to eat guilt, not chocolate.

Moderation and balance are very important. No matter how banal it sounds, that’s what my goal is. Not for a year, rather a lifetime goal. After all, the longest paths can be overcome step by step, right? From the confused glance to the vast world with endless choices to the quiet self-knowledge.

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