A Virily Blogging Forum guide information.


 Virily Blogging Forum guide information.

The basic information here is acquired from the Virily FAQ. 

The written content which you publish should be original, creative, and useful. You should not post articles that are published elsewhere or is copyrighted material, without a reference. You should not write content that will somehow offend, insult or harm the audience.

The content needs to be original and can’t be posted as second publishing.

The links used with items in articles as a source, or to other sources need to be original. Use items or links only if the original author allows his content to be used in other’s posts.

Virily is a blogging platform that gives you a chance to earn income by getting virils for every action that is made on the platform (from signing up and with site visits to content creation and sharing). Every activity on the platform pays off. At the end of the month, your virils will be turned into money.

Virils are not a currency, a Viril is a reward point for your contribution to Virily platform. A higher daily Virils Balance means you earn a higher share from revenue distributed between users. Distribution is made on a daily basis, so depending on the day you can earn a different amount for the same Virily Balance.



As a member of the Virily community as an author or a reader you earn virils in these ways:

When you become a member of the Virily community you earn 10 virils.

When you are visiting the website, you earn 10 virils on every day which you visit.

When you read posts:

For Articles, you get 1 viril as a reader and the author receives 3 virils. There is a limit of 50/day for readers. No limit for the author of the article.

For Quizzes, you get 2 virils as a reader and the author receives 5 virils. There is a limit of 100/day for readers. No limit for the author of the quiz.

For Polls, you get 2 virils as a reader and the author receives 5 virils. There is a limit of 100/day for readers. No limit for the author of the quiz.

When you publish an article:

For: Story, Gallery, Open List, Ranked List, List – you receive 15 virils.

For: Image, Embed Content – you receive 5 virils.

For submitting items to other authors open lists – you receive 2 virils.

For: Quiz, Poll, Versus, Hot or Not – you receive 30 virils.

When you comment on articles you obtain 1 virils and the content author receives 2 viril. Author’s of an article receive a maximum 10 virils per article. There is a limit of 50/day.

SPAM commenting will deduct -5 virils from your balance.

 When you refer visitors:

Referring visitor, you earn 1 virils. There is a limit of 500/Day.

Referring Sign up, you earn 20 virils. There is a limit of 1000/Day. (Updated June 20, 2017)

 When you follow someone:

1  viril when you follow someone(Virils for following is temporary stopped) Updated on June 19, 2017

2  virils when someone follows you(Virils, when someone follows you, is temporary stopped) Updated on June 19, 2017

When a Guest views your post you get 1 viril. There is a limit of 500/day.

*Awarding Virils for these actions are subject to change. Virily can change the values at any time, add new actions or deactivate existing. Historical data is not affected. Changes affect only future awards.

Original content from Virily FAQ, This is article by Kenneth Shumaker.

On May 20, 2018, information is subject to changes in the future.

May the words stay with you!

Yours, Kenneth Shumaker.

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Written by Kenneth Shumaker

With a love of fantasy and science fiction, I took first to writing science fiction. Then after years of role-playing gaming, I started writing fantasy soon crossing over into sci-fi fantasy. Writing primarily in these three and becoming traditionally published I saw how other writers struggled as well, so I took to helping by writing discussion papers and other non-fiction articles. After years of writing and a few years of being traditionally published I started my own publishing imprint and publish other authors further expanding available reading material.

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