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How To Remove Labels From A Glass Jar

I like reusing stuff, and I always keep all the glass jars from the food I ate. However, there are often stubborn labels that no matter how hard I try, won’t come off. Whenever I attempt to remove them, they leave a sticky mess, so eventually, I just started keeping most of the labels on. However, recently I decided that I want clean-looking jars, and after trying many different methods, I found the solution. I guess you can easily use some solvent, but since I am planning to use the jars for food, I wanted something milder. It’s possible that most of you already know this method, but I had been lazy to test all the different techniques until now.

First, peel off the plastic labels if there are any. This should happen more easily if you dip the jar in warm for a few minutes. Usually, after this kind of labels is removed, there’s still a lot of glue left so here’s how to clean it.

1. Cover any glue residue or paper labels on the jar with some kind of oil of your choice. I used cooking oil. Leave it like that for 5-10 minutes.

2. Put baking soda on the abrasive side of a kitchen sponge and scrub all the glue that’s left.

3. Wash the jar thoroughly.

Also, I found out that a few drops of lemon juice cleaned all the glue from the metal lids without the need of using oil or baking soda.

I am happy with my new jars now. What Is Your favorite method for removing stickers from jars?


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  1. This is really useful! There is this glass jar I have been wanted to remove the labels for weeks. I removed the labels, but glue residue was still there and it’s sticky. I searched online and found that using baking soda works. I tried, but it didn’t work for me. I didn’t apply oil before that. I will try your method, and hopefully it will work for me. Thanks for sharing this!!

    I like to keep some glass jar for food as well. Currently I am keeping a few for making milk kefir.

  2. I will have to try this way. Some of the glue on labels nowadays is very hard to get rid of. I save jars and I don’t have drinking glasses – I use jars. I don’t like to store things in my cupboards in plastic, and I dry and save herbs so having jars around is good. Good advice – thanks.

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