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Happiness Jar

In today’s busy life, people look for joy.  Recently, a woman has revealed the unique secret of happiness, which is becoming viral and very popular on social media.

Stacey who lives in Dubai posted a picture of a jar on  Instagram, showing small pieces of paper in a jar. According to Stacey, the papers in this jar have been deposited within the last 5 years and she called this Jar as Happiness Jar. 

Stacy says , Over the past 5 years, there have been many small moments in her life that have been very pleasing to her. As someone praised her, she tried a new flavored dish, She had some success, hour spent with friends, A beautiful sunset on the beach. means all those moments made her happy and she would write them down and keep them in the jar.

Stacey says on the first day of each new year she opens the jar and reads all these writing. by doing this, all their beautiful memories are refreshed also the first day of new year become very pleasant. So it also give a lot of hope and positive thoughts for next year. Stacey told her followers to follow the same procedure and close their secret of happiness in this jar, whom they can enjoy when they open. 

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