Could Baking Soda Reduce Premature Death ?

Study author Dr. Kalani Raphael, associate professor and nephrology and hypertension specialist at the University of Utah, and colleagues investigated pH, carbon dioxide and bicarbonate, in association with long-term survival. If you want to balance your pH levels by getting more sodium bicarbonate into your diet, eating more fruit and vegetables is definitely the way to go. 


Especially, fruit and vegetables high in potassium and bicarbonate will have a negative potential renal acid load score. This represents the amount of acid produced by the kidneys after metabolism. The higher the negative, the more potassium and bicarbonate they will provide, potentially reducing your risk of premature death, according to the study. Apples, raisins, spinach, bananas, carrots, broccoli, lemons and even coffee are some of the sources that will boost your potassium and bicarbonate levels. 


Can you get bicarbonate of soda into your system from that yellow box in your fridge fighting odors? The answer is yes,you can. The dosages in the studies were generally about 90-135 mg per lb of body weight, which would basically equate to about 2-3 teaspoons mixed in water for most people. However, it was noted that this quantity caused stomach upsets for some people.

 If this is the case, you could test smaller amounts spaced out over time, such as 1 teaspoon 2 hrs before exercise and another teaspoon 1 hr before exercise. The theory as to why baking soda helps exercise performance is that it helps reduce the effects of lactic acid on the muscles and allows you to do more reps before fatigue sets in.


This  information is for anecdotal value only. Prior to embarking on an alternative or natural remedy, always consult your doctor.  Source: Research published this month in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology found that having balanced baking soda, or bicarbonate, levels in your body could reduce your chances of an early death.

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  1. I first heard about this when the surgeon, a Cuban, by the name of Andrei Atannasov who amputated my leg, several years ago, told me that the remedy was widely used in both Cuba and in Russia and significantly reduced heart and by-pass surgeries.

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