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Enjoying the afternoon light ~ Silhouettes Saturday

Going home and enjoying the rest of the light in the sky is always a pleasure, especially if it’s not raining. The burden of thought and fatigue can seem to be wiped out quickly when we let all the contents of the head and stiffness of the muscle fly carried by the wind and sucked by the clouds.

At times like that, there is always a real beauty in front of the eyes and at the same time a mystery that sneaks into the mind. Especially if the sky with its special beauty gives its own nuance.

  • Does rain still fall in your country?

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    • I’m sure you have a lot of pictures like that given that you are always ready with the camera in hand, but not with me. I often forget to take pictures and are often surprised when I realize, “Owh… Why don’t I take pictures for all that?” but it’s too late…

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