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Enjoying Solitude ~ Themes by the Month

Some of you might still remember about one of the activities that I often do after midnight that I have told a few times here. Yes, walking in a remote, dark, silent nature. You can think of it as a kind of walking meditation.

You can imagine the fun of walking alone without anyone around you except everything in nature. Unfortunately, I have rarely done that activity in recent years due to various other activities, including exploring the world of Virily. lol.

The picture above I took in my last walk around the beginning of last month. You know, as beautiful as any darkness, the atmosphere is difficult to take as a picture. I took a photo of the well-lit street a few moments before entering an area that only had a path or none at all.  If you are willing to pay attention to the dark area under the tree, that’s where I turn left to enter the path.

Of course, almost every time I do that activity, there are various unique or strange things happen. Well, we just need to enjoy it, or just consider it a lobby before entering the silence.

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