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10 natural antibiotics

Nature always has a solution! Here is a list of natural antibiotics that help with infections and do not have an adverse effect on...

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Helicobacter pylori – Causes, Symptoms of Infection and Treatment

H. pylori is a bacterium that has adapted to the acidic environment of the stomach and is often found in about 50% of the...

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Coconut oil for health, beauty of skin and hair

Its unique combination of fatty acids can have profound positive health effects. These include fat loss, better brain function and various other amazing benefits. We will...

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Elevated CRP values ​​in inflammation and in tumors

CRP or C-reactive protein is one of the inflammatory phase proteins and can be measured in routine blood collection . In addition to inflammation,...

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Enlarged spleen – Causes, symptoms and treatment

The position of the spleen is just below the ribs on the left side. The spleen is a soft, spongy organ that can be...

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