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Loves Me Not – Themes By The Month

I thought I don’t have anything appropriate for the January edition of Kim’s Themes by the month challenge because shadows are often something I stay away from when taking a photo, but I remembered this one.

The photo was inspired by many similar photos I have seen, but since it was an improvised shot, I used the ring I had at the moment and it was an adjustable ring. It turned out cool eventually because it reminds of a broken heart. Sometimes, interesting things happen by accident.

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  1. Something nice. Like we booked an activity for elephant bathing thinking we will prolly scrub them and hose them down with water or whatever. Turned out, in Laos, elephant bathing means you get to ride on top of the elephant while it is bathing in the waterfalls. Which is fun. Except it also dives in the water and one has to hold on to a single rope for dear life ??? but it was sooooooooo much fun ?

  2. I suppose some of the nicest things that happen is in the people I have met and just the contact has been great.
    Other than that you can be surprised what can be done, that many would say is impossible to achieve. Tonight I did not know what I would do with some left overs but made a lentil pie with those and my first lentil pie creation.

  3. What a great photo op you made!

    I accidentally found my two cats at a shelter and saved their lives, at different times, but a shelter just the same. They were both about to be put down. I was not looking for a cat. I had just lost one. But I could not say no and so glad I did not.


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