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Themes By The Month – Get To The Light

In life and in people, we see what we want or choose to see. This does not mean that we are a benevolent fool with pink glasses leaping through life, seeing neither evil nor deceit. We see it all, we only filter out well what is worth our attention and emotion and effort, and what is not, what can and cannot change.

If I were asked today, “what I do not like the most?”, I would answer, “I want to avoid vampires of all kinds”. I want to prevent that bad news would pump my blood and energy, a perpetually frustrated friend who sees guile and global conspiracies everywhere, cunning fools with their suggestions, projects, and opinions, obsessive like flies on hot sticky summer days distant relatives or acquaintances who only remember you when they need something from you, etc.

The world is full of tears, so our goal is to climb our own Everest, uphill, where more light, more God, more heaven. I wish you a beautiful and meaningful climbing to the light leaving all shadows behind you!

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