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Skiing in the Themes by the Month: Shadows

I adore challenges, passion for adventures + peace of mind. It seems like passion for adventures and peace are different things, but they are magically related. Because if you are quality rested, it can help you focus on important tasks more easily and quickly.

You can’t stop problems because the world is made up of them, but after a good relaxing rest, you can learn to solve them calmly, quickly, and without stress!

And you can choose how you want to rest. not only to relax but have fun and passion at the same time. It’s the skiing that gives me that. Unfortunately, I will not have the opportunity this winter to fly for skiing, but even photos from the past give me excellent positive energy.

And look at these shadows. So long shadows. It is strange but in the mountains, the sun is shining very often no matter how cold there is, and, as we know, only the sun can make shadows…

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