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Do you fear death?

There were almost no nights that I would not think about it. When I stroked and kissed a little child’s head and wanted us to be always together. I dreamed that this day would never come. It is a pity that we live so briefly. Don’t want someone to leave us and don’t want to leave someone. Life is awesome but so cruel. When you love someone very much, it’s twice as difficult. But someday we will have to leave this world anyway.

 Children grew up, I got older to understand that it’s the inevitable circle of life and we cannot change it. 

Yes, it is very sensitive knowing and it penetrates deeply into the heart, but it forces us to stop in that fast running time and think why we came to this world, what is our purpose here.

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  • Do you fear death?

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  1. Yes, I do fear death. However, I know that when that time comes I will go with a friend…I have always had an unseen friend that has helped me in my life.
    If it is madness to you, well, it certainly does not harm anyone. I believe that we are children of God and although it is sad we all have to die sometimes, I believe God loves everybody .
    So I go knowing that I am loved and that love extends to everyone, where we will go to, well..that is a new chapter.

  2. I used to fear death but not anymore. As long as I know my purpose here on earth and what awaits me on the other world, there is no need to fear. But, it grips my heart when I hear people dying. I don’t like the thought of people dying.

      • I hold on to my belief or faith that something awaits us after the death. It scares me not knowing what is on the other side. This is what scares many people. Not that they will die but what will happen after they die. I believe there are evidence that prove there is an afterlife.

  3. each of us brings light to the world. We are the bearers of that light. Each light is on a spectrum with billions upon billions of colors. We are unique. The light we bring fills the world around us and makes the world a new color each day.

  4. It’s a YES and a NO, I fear death because if it comes too early and my children are not yet settled, I fear death being a mother that cares too much for my children, I wanted to see them successful in their chosen field. NO, because I know that it’s coming anytime. I have prepared myself for it. We all experienced how it feels to lose someone we love and the pain is very excruciating.

  5. As a young art student I saw a print by Käthe Kollwitz called “Death recognized as a friend”
    (Alternate Title: Tod wird als Freund erkaant) that struck me very powerfully. Over the decades it would come to mind once in a while – like now. It is an image that is burned into my brain. After reading of her life I understood how she might have momentarily felt this enough to make the image. I’m not there and certainly don’t expect to ever be there. But, no, I can’t say that I fear death exactly. I may be part of the way there. Here:

  6. I hope that day won’t come so soon, as I still want to spend more time with my young children. But I also understand it’s the destination of our life, and we will eventually die, hence I am trying to enjoy every moment with my kids and loved ones. I also try to prepare my kids, so if I die when they are still not adults, they know what to do, and who to look for. As I am homeschooling my kids, I also try to manage my homeschooling resources well, and get them written down as detailed as I can, so my husband or my eldest can still carry on the homeschooling journey if I die before they finish schooling. I am not fear of death, but I do plan for it when my kids are still young.

  7. This is a very delicate subject and I am almost tempted not to put down a comment. But as an ex registered nurse, I have seen more deaths that most and both my parents died when I was in my forties. (Good news for me, I do not have and never will anymore have any children). But I have come to see death as a part of life and a passage of time. I agree, most of us do not know why we are here alive on earth but I say it is to enjoy and not to spoil it. I just hope I have not offended you as this is (I think) the first time I commented on one of your post but I felt inclined to do it, probably because I am now in my sixties and death just might be looming nearby for me…

    • Oh no, how you could offend me? It’s great to read different opinions. People who saw many deaths may are better prepared for the final journey. I cannot say I do fear death, it’s inevitable and we must be ready for this any minute, I just fear a little how it will be. I do not want to die being abuse to my family, but we cannot choose, we can just try to take care of ourselves the best we can.


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