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Those who leave us…

Although apparently I’m not at the edge of my statistical life yet, not one and two friends, relatives, colleagues, and peers are passed away. 

Some lived by the principle ‘live fast die young’ and enrolled in that “club” too young, while others … others were often role models for us all. People who did not panic, did not revenge, forgive, behave wisely, and, generally, estimated things positively. With whom I interacted and made myself feel better.

I interact with some of my former colleagues may once in the year, briefly chat, and end up with “we should meet for coffee,” but most of the time we don’t do it. I wanted to say happy birthday to one former colleague last week but missed, and now I looked at the urn with ashes and try to understand what happened.

Nothing seems to have changed, the sun is shining, a great fall day, and we haven’t met for a long time. But something has changed not in the environment, but inside. Passing away friends and relatives remain inside of us, just we feel and think about them in a different way. And we still have our memories. Death cannot take them away. 

And my passed away friend will stay in my memories and all our common experiences are painted in various colors.

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