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There is no true solitude

Most people would not endure even a few days somewhere far away from humanity. Most people do not endure their presence with themselves. People are afraid of themselves. They do not know themselves, so, they are afraid. If they know – would not afraid.

Some are born without fear but the desire to be in solitude, others learn it. It takes effort. After all, there is no true solitude. Always near you, withing you is your past life, your present life, everyone you have been with is still there – you can talk, ask for advice, argue, laugh. There is no solitude if you do not want to stay alone.

There is no loneliness. The universe is always ready to speak to the man. Only, the man does not want to.

 Let’s get out into the wind. And let’s keep silence… for a while. To stay with yourself…

Fortune, 2009

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