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Turning clocks back…

I don’t like those clocks’ turnings back and forth. We are also turning clocks here. We do, too, play with time, wasting it everywhere, mostly meaninglessly…

And we try to turn life as an arrow back to change something. But does something change? Have we changed? And are we changing something? And sometimes we hurry up in a way that forces the arrow of life to spin faster and squeeze into the frame of some possible future ahead of us.

But the sun goes on when it goes, and it goes down when it goes down – all in its own time and when it’s needed.

Let’s be arrows that rotate beautifully and neatly in the wheel of time without being distracted in all directions, no stopping or rushing but purposefully doing our works, aspirations, goals meaningfully through the clock of time and life.

© Fortune, 2009

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  1. Yes, the clocks went back for me too. It’s so annoying, and I hate the dark nights! I can’t wait till Spring time! I don’t like the dark and cold at all. I think I will hibernate if it gets too cold!