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Did you know, second grouping of Virily influencers, the comment team!

The next list of influencers won’t move your views as much, but they bring other value to your post. The cr4itical thing you get every time with these influencers is they comment on your post. In commenting, they are ones that drive you to the top of the Vrily comment list for a day.  These influencers will bring comments to your post and are always up for a good conversation!

Carol DM

Both are prolific writers on the site and continue to provide positive comments to other users materials. They don’t pull as many non-Virily readers; they also don’t pull the numbers that sister’s influencers do, but they are always there and always sharing! As with yesterday, the links to their profiles are included with this post.

Tier 1 was shared here, yesterday.

This is the tier Virily influencer post.

The seven people listed bring value to your posts. Please, however, don’t reach out to them and beg them to read your posts. That isn’t the goal of sharing this list. I am trying, first of all, to create a more positive Virily experience for everyone. These names shared yesterday today are people you want to see reading your posts!

The other note, I could add three of the influencers from yesterday to the second list (you would know when they comment). There are also a couple of folks that are on the cusp of this group, but they don’t participate on Virily as much as they used to do.

With more data than what we can get from the Virily dashboards, such as people moving fast (yesterday’s list included two people that have moved the most up the list recently). There is also the broader issue of how long the impact lasts. When you look at posts, you care about four things regarding the impact readers have on the post.

1. Do they bring new readers (outside of Virily)

2. Do they bring other Virily readers?

3. Do they comment on posts? I won’t go into the quality of comments, that is a different issue and much harder to track.

4. Do they mention other writers in their posts?

The last one is interesting, but as the community continues to grow, there are more and more mentions of other writers. I would also like to have more access to the Virily site statistics to track things like the percentage of negative comments by and to authors. There are posts that bring out extremely negative comments and ones that bring positive. There are comments that are to the other author but not speaking to the content. Finally, there are the comments (like the two names) that bring other comments!

While the first list was influencers overall, let’s call comment influencers! Both help your posts be seen by more people!

  • Question of

    Will you watch and see your comments grow when these two wander to your post?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Will you send me the people you think influence your posts? (or in the comments)

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Do you notice when the seven comment on your posts?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. You also made a peetinent point. There is a need to popularise Virily outside our community of writers. This can happen when the big search engines start finding our work. We need more & more engaging & interesting content. I am sorry about my incomplete comment. Would remember to use my laptop for commenting and avoid mobile phone.

  2. I am a late entrant to Virily and I am here just for over two months. Already I feel a part of this group and the two main people I had to thank was Carol and Ghostwriter. I am glad to see a post highlighting their positive contribution. You are also a big positive influence in this forum DocAndersen. There is one point that is critical in your post. There is a need to make Virily popular outsiee

  3. I cannot imagine anyone else who will have the grit to carry on scrutinizing technical data to come up with a very useful and informative article like this. One of your most interesting posts, I have to say. And CAROL DM, I agree, is one of the sweetest persons I ever met here in Virily always sharing positive thought whenever she reads a post. ???

  4. Bravo! For a long time, I expected someone to write this kind of research report about Virily users. For a long time, there have been enough messages to me with questions about how to improve views and comments from other members for their posts. Beyond that, occasionally I also have various inputs so that someone can be more noticed by other members, and both of your posts about this are very useful for all members.

    I really hope that much friends here read this post so they can find out more about how to increase the views and comments on their posts. Great job, Coach!!!

    And thank you!

  5. I knew Carol would make the list! LOL
    And yes, how can I forget Ghostwriter!
    Hmm… I was still thinking about LaJenna.
    She make the list, at least for me.

      • Yes, I do notice this is the 2nd one!
        And I saw LaJenna being mentioned!

        Actually these people (including me and you) just happens to be the more active ones on here. :p

        • Actually, there are users that are more active (although two of the folks on the overall list are the most active on the site).

          It is interesting right now, there are new folks that read 30 or more posts per day.

          • Hmm… I’m curious, how you get these statistics?
            30 posts aren’t that difficult, considering how short some of the posts are and some of them being mostly photos!

        • The new folks reading lots of posts per day comes from tracking myself and is an estimate.

          The other stats were gathered over the course of 10 days a year ago, then again over the past 20 days this year.

          It is a manual process I am sad to say.

  6. I appreciate your efforts very much for making Virily grow and be understood in terms of its writers and general population. But if I may, I think there is a third group you can add, and that is the up voters only that do not necessarily comment or even post that much. I have noticed and sent thank you notes to a few of those that simply viewed my posts and up votedI them without commenting at all. These Virilyans are a booster for anybody’s moral, especially mine. Anyway, that is my little thought only or maybe your had already presumed it.

    • That is an interesting category the only issue I have with that category is 1, incredibly hard for me to track that. And 2, they actually nearly benefit as much from that as you do. For example, they read your poll and don’t comment.
      you get 5 virils.
      They get 2 + 1 or 3 for reading and upvote.

      Still a good consideration, I just have no way to collect that data.

      • To Doc Andersen: Thanks for you kind leadership. and selfless acts of encouragement.
        I have a few poems that Virily published that have typos or spelling mistakes from my rapid touch typing. Example Tuth for Truth….I have tried to flag attention but no one ever edits my poems for me. It seems to be approve or “not approve”. On other sites is seems to be easy to edit. Thanks for any suggestions.

        • At this point the only answer is to connect with the Virily Admin team and ask them to move your poems back to draft mode so you can edit and republish them. Sorry about that, it is a great answer but it is the only answer.