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A piano by the window a violin to play a moon here to Stay

A piano by the window a violin to Play hands on the keyboard a moon here to stay The night cuddles with music until day comes this Way Push me...

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A bus low slow Late up hill down Dell A hint of a Frown

                John Davis‏ @Johndavisnearby More Now be a bus slow on hate Never late on Love ride town hill Town and piper learn thrill arrive to Seal...

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Start me at the bottom Beauty rises to the Top

Start me at the bottom Beauty rises to the Top   Earth sings a lullaby for you for me a neighbor Too Poems from Earth Hop with the Old Lady...

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All rise Earth water Fire and Air

All Rise a poem a mirror in the Skies A turn of Hand everywhere A turn a foot so near a Prayer Earth and Fire air and water heading higher spirit is there turning...

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Mind a Mountain a Song a Stage

Mind is a mountain a song a Stage A cage with Birds that beat their Wings while new thoughts Rage Can you see tomorrow when your mind is on stage The...

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