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Delicious No-Bake Rolls – What Is For Dessert

Here’s another no-bake dessert that’s very easy to make. You need 2-3 tablespoons of nut butter, sweetener of your choice, chocolate or cocoa powder, and oat flour or desiccated coconut. The recipe is similar to a recipe I have published on my blog, but this one is a lot simpler.

I mixed everything but the chocolate, and to the chocolate, I added a little bit of nut butter and desiccated coconut. Then, I tried to make a roll out of the two mixtures. It didn’t come out perfectly, but it tastes great.

I believe it’s healthier than some traditional desserts, and just a small piece can satisfy your sweet cravings.

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    Do you prefer baked or no-baked desserts?

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    Why do you like no-bake desserts?

    • They are easy to make
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