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Dalmatian donkey

The donkey is a domesticated animal from a family of horses. The wild ancestor of today’s donkey is the Nubian wild donkey. the African donkey I painted this donkey this year while on vacation in Dalmatia. The donkey has a strong and stable character with simple habits that sometimes gets very stubborn. And it was this stubbornness that led man to neglect the donkey and raise it more often with a hard hand than other pets. However, it is known today that donkey behavior is largely dependent on its master. Taking good care of him and treating him well proves to be a quick, submissive and hard worker, otherwise he becomes lazy, top and stubborn. The donkey cannot be overlooked. It has a large head, a dry thin back and long ears. His voice is also unique. Riddling, as we call donkey advertising, is anything but a subtle melody of a celebrity. It has a lot in common with its “cousin” horse, but it also has a lot of differences.

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  1. Good to see they didn’t come up with some new hybrid with a spotted donkey like I was thinking. I love donkeys we have wild ones in the hills and deserts here, and people do mistreat the wild ones sadly. Some were shot earlier this year.

    • Thanks for viewing and a friendly comment, dear Kim…there are some wild ones in Dalmatia too … but most of them have people carrying heavy loads along rocky paths and most owners have a good care of donkeys

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