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Continuing the do you know who the virily influencers are?

First off I wanted to continue on my path of yesterday, talking about the influencers on Virily. One of the most positive things you can experience on a writing site is discovering the attention of an influencer.  I first noticed influencers when I was on Niume. There were two other writers HarypingbyaPixie and CarolTaylor that when either of them read my posts, I suddenly had 30 or other readers. I can tell you that while neither of them is on Virily often, they continue to influence at least for my posts. An influencer is someone that in their reading of your post, brings other readers with them. Sometimes an influencer on Virily doesn’t comment although, for the most part, the top influencers leave comments.

Influencers are post changes, and by that let’s break down what an influencer is not. Looking at the current top 10 on Virily regarding authors not many of the top ten are influencers today. Again an influencer doesn’t break even or end up ahead when they read your post.

  1. An influencer generates more external points (that you don’t get credit for) that actual Virils for themselves.
  2. Influencers bring other readers along with them.
  3. Influencers impact your posts across categories but normally are strongest in one category.

The easy to start tracking is the relationship between comments and your post. When you publish your post or checks your posts, Virily tells you on the right side the most commented stories for that day. That is one mode of influence. Does the first person that commented bring other comments with them. There are a few people on the Site that do that.  Now we get into the issue. I’ve found that there are people who don’t read your story, I would love it if team Virily could share time spent per post. I suspect the time some people spend on posts before commenting isn’t enough to read the post even if they are speed reading institute graduates.

I will continue studying this on the site. Personal interest yes, but also it is important to know who helps your posts get read!

  • Question of

    Do you know which other Virilian moves your posts?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Do you know how you earn Virils on the site?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Hiya…Thank you so much for the mention I have never been called that before…Happy to raise your profile any time Doc A …You are one of the few who has been a constant since the days of Nuime…Which I loved and miss. I am hearing rumours about the demise of Virily though which I haven’t used much I will add only really when I have visited for those I still follow…I never took to the idea of having to submit my post for approval…Which is fine if it is the rules just not for me… Although I am not in the least techie I Iove your family posts and learn things from the techie ones… Thank you again for your loyalty 🙂

  2. All I have to say Doc is a big thank you for all your efforts. Although I am not a prolific poster/writer/influencer, I am still very satisfied with Virily. I am not really writing for a large audience and views, I am basically only writing for myself although all the views and comments and up votes are certainly a big morale booster indeed. And to add I was a member of several writing sites prior to Virily but all these were not too inclined to my kind of writing, that is mostly historical posts and some personal ones. But keep up your good work, I enjoy reading it and commenting on it.

    • Writers are lonely seagulls on a rough sea in search of a place to land, and sleep.

      Sandler Boggs

      It can be a lonely life to find a place that wants you as a community member. I am glad you ended up here!

  3. I am so not an influencer, I don’t share any posts. I am only on this and facebook right now. I haven’t thought about this side of blogging. I just post my walks, and hope for the best.

  4. Hey, thanks a lot for the mention. I will never know of the technical side of blogging but my main reason in reading your posts is personal:
    1) From Niume days, I knew you are a kind of person who does not jump off the ship when the going gets rough and I love that from anyone
    2) From BIB, I knew you support all the members there regardless if they reciprocate or not and again, I admire that quality
    3) Lastly, I like that your posts touch not only about tech stuff but also poetry and travel and family
    I have not decided on fully going back to blogging. (My FB microblog is feeding my creative side enough for now.) However, I try as much to check your posts and share it whenever I have good wifi.

  5. I can see where being an influencer might not directly correlate to rank, but I figure if they bring traffic to your posts then they also bring traffic to their own posts, too…

    • Actually you have to look at four different things.

      1. Does the person increase their virils every day?
      2. Does the person comment on lots of posts?
      3. Do those posts move (many more views) after that person comments?
      4. Or, when that person shares the posts beyond Virily, do they bring guest views?

      I will share more about the data as I go along, I promise.

        • There are a number of ways to earn Virils.

          1. Comment on others works
          2. reply to comments on your posts
          3. Get other Virilian’s to read your posts
          4. upvoting pictures
          5. posts –
          polls and quizzes get the most upfront
          galleries and standard posts get the least up front

          The one that used to exist but doesn’t now is a viril for every guest view. I used to get 200 per day.
          It also used to be that you got 2 virils per uploaded image in a gallery. Now you get 2 virils. But the person upvoting gets one viril per upvote.

          There are a couple of past bugs that no work (used to be you got credit for saving a draft (equal to a post) so if you saved and opened a draft 30 times and it was a poll you got 30 times 30 Virils.

          There are a couple of other backdoors that let you ear a lot of Virils. I stay away from shortcuts for a number of ethical reasons.

  6. Very interesting post! Honestly, I haven’t thought of the influencers here on the site who bring other readers to my posts, I thought it’s mostly related to the topic/category of the post. However, it has been huge help when other members have shared my posts outside of virily, since I don’t have such a big audience myself.

    • You’ve nailed the concept Ellie! In fact let’s talk about that, there are people that get a lot of Virils on the site by commenting and upvoting other people’s content. But the influencers are the ones that bring lots of eyes to the site. Guest views, that you don’t get credit for, are actually what is driving the increased views!

      • I see, I thought that we are refering to influencers on the site itself. Like, when Carol used to make posts on Niume featuring other authors. It was a fun idea, maybe we should do something like that too.

        • I suspect we should, but focused on what the authors find relevant. I am posting the second tier of influencers today. The first group brings many more Virils to you, the author. The second group bring fewer Virils but also bring more comments.

  7. I do not have Virilian to move my post. I have too few views of my posts and I try to get more views myself. This is very difficult because some members never return visits