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Color Crazy Challenge-Green Friday

Angels climb this green stairway to heaven. Probably not, but if I were an angel, I’d climb up it’s such a wonderful way to turn a drab concrete apartment into a natural oasis 

  • Is it a good idea to plant shrubs up there or not

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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    • Hello Kim, the green news you shared is very welcome news. Everyone is avoiding the huge elephant in the room which is that our little planet is too densely populated to keep sustaining itself unless something drastic is done and the lateral building construction idea will soon be a thing of the past because people will need space to plant food and space to grow trees just to make air to breathe. The vertical building concept will likely be the most sensible accommodation plan for the future. Regards, Andre’

    • Ghostwriter, you are probably thinking I am going to disagree and you would be right of course. From a safety engineer’s point of view, it is a death-trap waiting to happen but I guess, I have become so “green-starved” that I could not help feeling for those unfortunate other beings locked into their own gray pieces of the concrete jungle and not being able to simply stare into the greenness.

    • You sure got that one right, Carol. You know, when those “strangers”, (angels) asked Sarah if she had ever seen God, she replied: “The only God I have ever seen, is the one that lives in my husband.” To which one of them replied, saying: “Blessed art thou.” If the strangers were Angels, they certainly did not look like the Hollywood variety, in fact, they appeared very human to her. We sometimes get carried away on the wings of imagination, perhaps we add the tinsel and glamor because we feel so let-down by ordinary people and yet, how often are we not amazed at some overwhelming acts of kindness and bravery, above the call of duty performed by everyday people, when we see through the non-judging eyes of Jesus, we see them as Angels.


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