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A man with a serious illness, one day, was wheeled into a hospital ward. On a bed next to a single-window was a man he became friends with, looking out of it, he spent many hours delighting his bedridden companion with vivid descriptions of the goings-on outside.

Some days he would describe at length the beauty of the trees in the park opposite the hospital of how the leaves would at times, dance in the wind. At other times still, he would entertain his friend with replays of the funny things people did while walking by the hospital.

As time went on, the newcomer grew frustrated at his inability to see the wonders his friend described and grew to hate him intensely.

During a bad coughing fit, one night, the patient at the window stopped breathing.

The next morning the man who had given his friend so much joy by recounting the sights outside the window was pronounced dead and wheeled out of the hospital room.

The other man quickly asked that his bed be placed next to the window, the attending nurse instantly complied But as he looked out the window, he discovered something that made him weep bitterly, for, the window faced a stark brick wall.

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