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WOW! In spite of all the negativity doing the rounds, otherwise known as (January-Blues) which is a passing malady thankfully! We are in our 5th year, Hoot! Hoot! since you, the creators of VIRILY decided to dive in headlong! 

And here we still are, a community of writers who would likely never have met had you not created the site. Who can imagine a life away from Virily? What other excuses could I offer for sitting alone through the dead of night, none at all? Thanks for being my alibi for my insomnia. 

There are  over 7000 members here, Granted, very few are active but I was going to write about the really outstanding and professional individuals here on the site but its human to leave someone off the list so, if, you feel in your heart that you would belong on such a list, I probably agree with you, since there are a lot of really “cool” people here at 

I have included a brief video of my sojourn at Virily, enjoy and comment, please. 


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  1. I am trying to be happy, absolutely. Many do not understand the “negative” posts, but it is due to many issues that have never been addressed here. I enjoy the members here.

    • I don’t think anyone who knows you will believe anything negative about your motives, Carol. Of course, you are right, Head office/admin should keep us informed. They have not yet and they don’t seem to realize that because people have been let down so often that with the slightest of provocation, they will bolt. I mean, there are over 7000 members and only a handful are actually active here. 🙁

  2. I have shared this post on two sites. Virily is definitely a happy site and when I see veterans posting negative things I just do not like it