Why You Should Consider Working Online

 If you’re like millions of others, who have lost their jobs through COVID 19, you’ve finally realized that the traditional 9-to-5 lifestyle isn’t going to be there anytime soon. There’s a serious trend underway of folks migrating online and it may just be the answer to your dreams also. It’s referred to as the “Laptop Lifestyle” and it involves working online. 

Some folks who were dabbling online, part-time, are now pulling out all the stops to turn the pastime into a full-time income source, millions of others are now signing up, in droves, many of them, for the first time, as their limited resources are now running out fast. On the positive side, working online allows you to leave behind the drudgery of a job you no longer love. It allows you to finally focus on what’s most important to you. 

Do you have young children or ailing relatives that need constant care? Are you an introvert who would rather work alone rather than collaborate with a team? Do you want to spend time doing your own thing for a change? You know, the stuff that lights you up and makes you excited to jump out of bed every day! If so, there has never been a better time than right now to consider making that shift to working from your laptop. 

There are thousands of great reasons to start a Laptop lifestyle, here are my top five:

 1. It Saves Money. You won’t have to pay for gas commuting to and from a job you don’t love (which also help the environment). 

2. It Saves Time. Want to reclaim a couple hours of your day? Working from your laptop will cut back on your daily commute. Bedroom to sofa…check.

 3. You Own Your Schedule. You can do what you want when you want. That doesn’t mean you’ll get to spend every day lounging around doing nothing. 

4. You’ll Skip the Office Drama. Are you an introvert who finds dealing with people tiresome? Are company sponsored events a form of hell on earth? Then working online will be a godsend for you!

 5. You Can Work Anywhere. You might not have the funds to move to the tropics or jet off to Europe for a while. But it won’t take long to gain the skills you need to work wherever your heart desires and as soon as COVID 19 bites the dust, you will ready and able to work from anywhere.

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