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Choosing the right computer, last of the series!

The last in my picking a new laptop series (I promise). First of all, I wanted to talk about the differences between a laptop and a desktop before launching into the final piece on the things to consider when picking a laptop. Desktops are often used by people that require more capacity. I have two in my house, one that is a virtual server and the other that is set up as a VR workstation.  In both cases, the requirements are for video cards with lots of video memory.  For someone like the community artist Mr. Ledande, he needs a desktop because most laptops wouldn’t have the ability to deliver the graphics crunching he needs for this renders.

Output- most laptops sold today have an HDMI output. Why do you care>? Well, laptops like desktops used to offer the first VGA and then DVI video out. Most people then would go and buy an external monitor for their computer. Desktops do not normally have a built-in monitor. VGA is the oldest video connector and, in the modern world, the least capable. DVI allows you to share content, but not at the 4k level unless you have a massive video card in your computer. HDMI, however, allows a laptop or desktop to connect to a monitor or now, with HDMI, a Television. It means you can purchase a TV for your living room and, when needed, use it as a monitor for your laptop.

USB – The Universal Serial Bus or USB is a standards-based output and input port for your computer. USB 1.0 allows you to daisy chain (a daisy chain means that there is one connection to the computer, but many devices connected to the chain). You can, in theory, connect an infinite number of devices to a single USB port. All you do is add a USB hub. As long as the hubs can see the original computer port, you can add USB devices. But, it is important to note the following:

USB 1 and 2 have white connectors on the computer (when you look in the port, there is a piece of plastic with a conductive imprint on it) for these the plastic is white.

USB 3 has a blue or orange plastic piece. Make sure if you want o keep that new laptop for more than a couple of years, that you have eaten at least 1 USB 3 port.

Over the last three days, we’ve gone through several technologies to consider. Thanks to all hat read all three! I will leave you with my top-level advice.

  1. SSD drives are faster than other drives. But you only need SSD for the OS and Applications you lost. External USB drives will help for photos and other video storage.
  2. Get the fastest processor you can afford today. It used to be that a processor would last around 18 months before it was way out of date. That isn’t the case anymore. If you are going to pay a little more, get a faster process now.
    1. (combining the first two, is a faster computer right away)
  3. Finally, memory and USB. I would aim for eight gigs of ram, and if possible, get a graphics card (many laptops off this now). Just these two things will speed up your laptop as well.
    1. (all three together will increase your laptop speed a lot)
  4. Finally, the last thing – get a USB 3 port. It helps you later!!! USB 3 has a significant speed increase over USB 2. If you are going to use an external hard drive in the future, this is your best option!

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  2. I really like the Apple or Macintosh computers best.
    I would also get a desktop but the one time we went to Australia we were burgled and my desktop was taken with other things.

    So have not bothered to get another desktop since. I now know who stole it, but that was a person around our village who also stole from other neighbours and caused a lot of trouble due to drink and drugs and gang associations…a sad situation which does not negatively affect the ones robbed but the person themselves.

  3. I used a desktop for many years. Love the laptop as it is so versatile and can b e taken fro room to room and in a briefcase. I used to take it to my Dad’s to show his pics on my computer. He loved them.

  4. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon. So far, Gen 4 is what’s affordable for us for my daughter who’s entering high school year 11-12. My husband uses Gen 3 at his work as an IT. So, Lenovo looks reliable.

    Thank you for your review. I needed my IT husband to translate some of the technical things you wrote. 😀


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