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Changing Influencers to overs and wandering AR

I have most of the data for the Virily Mover list. Calling people on the list influencer confused a lot of people, so instead, I am going to call them Movers.

In the process of building this list, I am looking at two things – bringing other views and bringing lots of comments. Please understand that both measures are estimates and untimely the second wrong has a high error rate (It is a trend over ten posts of 10 other users).

I am aiming to post the Movers list on Saturday.

One of the things that intrigues me a lot, and I know I’ve talked about this many times, is AR. As we consider Augmented Reality there are several changes that are coming. The impact of 5g on AR is going to be huge. First off, you won’t have to have as much local storage on the AR device used for the service. As a long time Intellectual Property person, I can tell you that the reality of IP (and Intellectual Capital or IC) is out of date. The more information that can be stored in a central system, the better the delivery of that information can be. For example, if you are a line printer repair person, there aren’t many line printers left, but honestly, there are fewer people that know how to repair them. A centralized AR repair system allows a smart tech to view how to repair the line printer.

You can do that with the existing LTE world (what is Long term Evolution or 4g+) you just have the issue of lag and waiting. Tomorrow with the broad implementation of 5g, the bandwidth will support a lot more information. That said, there are several companies diving into the AR world now. I have mentioned the wonderful AstroReality company. They have created a market around AR and Space. From an AR-enabled Solar System model, a footprint on the moon and finally the coolest – their new coffee mug. I hope many schools buy the products and have them in classrooms. There is value in seeing information in different ways. (there are several learning styles).

If you are interested in what is happening in Space, I highly recommend AstroReality. They don’t have a moon base, but, it wouldn’t take much to be an AR Moonbase Model!

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    • Thanks! It really is a lot of data!

      just thing two types of movers on Virily that can be easily shown

      1. those that comment (and drive many more comments)
      2. those that share (to the universe) and bring lots of readers

    • I think the short run, my friend will be AR growing fast. 5g will extend the reach of AR empowered devices.

      It will allow a much larger file to be presented.

      Think of a car, imagine an AR system that can download the pictures (one at a time) of where the belts connect in the car. You can do it, but it will be one picture at a time.

      5g will create a system that allows a picture of everything to be available live.

    • You are most welcome Carol.

      Hey, dumb question are you using the site around noon – 3 pm est? I haven’t been (as you know I am an early bird). I have done so the past two days and it is really slow during the end of day Europe time.

  1. That’s really interesting I don’t know much about these computer terms but the amount of information is growing at a such excellerated rate with inventions that are numerous its impossible for anyone to keep track of all of it. I think it’s really good but sometimes for a person one needs to stop and take track of it all


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