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Brendel ~ Saturday Critters

After reading about Maya in a recent post, I decided to share one of my cats with you once again. I have had Brendel for almost eight years now. I rescued her shortly after losing Mama Kitty. She was Dustin’s cat that passed at 24 years old! 

Never thought I would get another cat, much less two more. But I did and they will never replace her, but they have found their way into my heart for sure. Brendel seems to look right through me with her green eyes sometimes. She reminds me it’s ok to take it easy in life. Slow down. Relax.

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Written by Carol DM

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  1. Cats are wonderful for relieving stress unfortunately in New Zealand the household cat is a real threat to our native bird population

    I love cats, but soon they may have to make the cat owners put an enclosure in house and back yard where cats cant kill birds.

    Well, they wont do that at the moment, as awful as it sounds we have a very delicate eco system here in NZ that is very fragile.

    I feed my neighbours cats because they know that I will feed them…Cant help but love them anyway

    • That is very sad Pam. My cats are declawed. They were like that when I adopted them. So they couldn’t kill if they got out. But they are indoor cats only. That would help in your country, have indoor cats.

  2. She has stunning eyes. I love the green, both of them have such captivating eyes, hers with her greeness, and The Dude with his yellow glowing orbs.. Great shot, it’s such a cute capture. Say hi, and give kisses for me.

  3. Oh hello sweet lime green eyed Brendel. Yes go ahead and show your mommy how nice it is to relax and take it easy and to simply stretch out and enjoy life. Cats have to be the most therapeutic animals to help you unwind while dogs are therapeutic in making you move and stay nimble…


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