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Sharing A Cool Brendel Moment

The Dude usually gets in a lot of photos in my archives. But Brendel is my baby. Before adopting the Dude, she was the first cat to have after Momma Kitty. She lived 24 years. 

It took some getting used to another cat. But it was not long before Brendel had a piece of my heart. 

In this photo we were in the screen room. One of the first photos of her. Not knowing about her past, I had no idea what she was used to. What she liked or didn’t like. 

But she was very protective of this little toy. Not sure what to call him. But she would hide him all over the house.

Under cushions, blankets and especially in her bed. I would often find her sleeping with this little guy. Then I got her more toys as time went by, and she has many favorites now.

I try to enjoy each day with both cats. Brendel was outside for awhile today. She came in and was meowing. She kept on and on and on. I am trying to catch up online. But she did not care. I had to pay attention. So I did.

All she wanted was a little attention. A neck rub and holding her for a few minutes. Then she was ready to go back out in the screen room. 

My cats remind me of what is important. Being behind on these sites are not my #1 priority. Just wanted to share that with you all. Pets can be such good therapy and reminders of what is important.

Photo ©CarolDM

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  1. My cat Runt takes me away from my laptop or tablet all the time by meowing and either tapping my hand or leg. Then I ask him if he wants some more kibble or if he wants to go out. Of course no answer from Runt except a quizzical look. So I get up to go to his bowl or open the door and then he just jumps on my seating area and cuddles up to sleep. Then he doesn’t tolerate being disturbed so I lose my place and either my laptop or tablet to go on the web. So there you go. But Miss Brendel does not exactly act like Runt. She acts more like the sweet lady that she is. Count your lucky stars… and I count mine despite being robbed of my seating area….

    • Runt sounds like just the cutest. Mine will rub against my leg and meow. Letting me know it is time for a break. They enjoy sitting wherever we are. Too funny. Love having my two babies. And thank you for sharing your Runt with us.


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