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Another Hello From The Dude

Most of you know my cat, The Dude, likes for his photo to be taken and shared. He is saying hello once again.

Brendel, on the other hand, is curled up in the screen room. Could care less about photos.

Two opposite personalities. Maybe that is why they get along so well.

I learn every day from my cats about life. Don’t take things so seriously is what their behavior says to me.

They try their best to keep me chilled and relaxed on most days. Great advice, don’t you think?


  • If you have pets, do they help your attitude in life?

    • Yes


What do you think?

Written by Carol DM


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  1. I smiled hard…Brendel doesn’t care for photos. But, yes, pets do teach us a lot of things. And the advice is true. I can support it with don’t take life too seriously or be very hard on yourself.

  2. in the morning I get up and make coffee, the Labs aren’t awake yet but they come down with me to make sure I am ok (and i think to make sure I am not secretly stealing their food). it is a comfort to have them walk around in the dark with me!


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