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Bee Beetle ~ Macro Monday

Sharing a photo from Dustin’s garden. The butterfly bush attracts many visitors. Not only butterflies, but bees, and what I believe to be a soldier beetle in this photo. This bee is called an eastern bumble bee.

They did not seem to mind the camera at all. I move slowly around the bees and try not to disturb them as they enjoy the pollen from the blooms.

The constant flying of the soldier beetler from flower to flower make them a valuable pollinator for any flower or or herb garden. They feed on nectar and pollen, and have no way to bite or sting humans. So, are soldier beetles good or bad? Yes, these are considered good for the garden. 

I hope this is a soldier beetle I have captured in the photo. I need good insects for the garden!

Shared a tulip poplar bloom below with a small bee visitor. Have not identified this one yet. Looks like either a wasp or a bee.

Photo ©CarolDM

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Written by Carol DM


  1. Identifying was the whole impetus of my macro bug photography. Also for bird ID. Once you get to the book identifying from memory is often hopeless or guessing.
    The butterfly bush is cool. What an attracter!