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Sedum Bee ~ Macro Monday

Strolling through some of my spring and summer photos on this cold Monday  morning.

Came across this bumble bee enjoying my sedum in the pink spring stages. This is the Autumn Joy that changes colors from green to pink and then burgundy.

Sharing with today’s Macro Monday Challenge. Enjoy your day everyone.


  • Insects can be useful in the garden, agreed?

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Written by Carol DM


  1. I can’t tell how big it is, but it looks big! I tend to be afraid of huge buzzing critters, no matter how harmless they could be. ?
    Even wasps have a purpose and can be useful, this cutie can definitely help. ?

  2. Awesome photo. Back in Riga, Latvia we had a garage with a sort of crawl space on top. One year we had a huge bumblebee nest formed up inside that space and were considering asking local bee growers what to do when the bees took care of it themselves and went looking for another home,