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Angel ~ Alphabet Crazy Challenge

Our mutual friend Alibb has started a new Alphabet Crazy Challenge.

I thought of something immediately as I read her post. An angel of course. I have them all around me. Both visible and invisible. I definitely believe in angels.

The photo I chose for this challenge is a special angel I have inside. It was a gift from a special friend not long after losing Dustin. And it still, to this day brings me peace when I look at it. Reminds me a little of my son actually. Angels have become a huge part of my life. 

I know there may be many who do not believe. But when you lose a child, or experience other tragedies and losses in life, you have to find something to hold onto, to believe in. This is called survival. And it is different for each one of us. 

Angels, bluebirds, butterflies, hummingbirds, and many others are what keep me going.

Photo ©CarolDM

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Written by Carol DM


  1. This is the first I have heard of it. Yay, what a great idea. You do have a lot of angels around to shoot now don’t ya! I need to go look for this challenge. Im in!

  2. I am not faithful and I hope you do not mind me because I do not believe in angels … but I will argue that it is not possible … maybe even the angels kept me from surviving quite a few terrible engine crashes …… and I have nothing against those who believe, dear Carol … we are different

  3. What a way to start with a positive and inspiring entry!!
    Thanks for the great start for the challenge!

    You know you’re an angel on Virily too! 🙂