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An Unusual Christmas Tree

One thing that is identical from Christmas is the Christmas Tree. I think decorating the Chrismas tree is part of the tradition for most of the people who celebrating Chrismas.

A couple of days ago, I watched a video on YouTube from Amanda Rachel Lee. She challenges herself to decorate her Chrismast Tree only with stationary. Although the idea might sound weird, it turns out quite nice. You can check her video here

I also remember that last year I watched a video from a BookTuber where he created his Christmas tree only from books. That kind of unusual Christmas tree feels fresh and different from the traditional Christmas tree.

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    • I can just see myself build a book tree and spotting the book that was going to go in the middle. “That looks interesting”, I would say, and put it to one side. This would happen so many times that the pile at the side would grow much faster than the tree!

  1. A few years ago I created a Christmas tree just from wires and tinsel garlands. It was much appreciated and I also won a prize for it from my church. Books on a movable disk is a great idea.


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