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Change ~ 365 Photos Challenge #169

This morning I was in a cool place about 100 kilometers or 62 miles from my residence and this time had to be taken for two and a half hours because of quite a traffic jam. This area is a mountain area where there are many tea plantations.

As always, this is a job trip as a speaker. During the trip, I chatted with the two organizers who picked me up. There are interesting questions during the conversation that really relate to the theme of my lecture material they are asking how to respond and adapt to change. The question is, “We all know that nothing is eternal in this world except change, I know that it is true, our body and mind, space and time, and everything, but I am also curious, is there really nothing eternal about us, humans, certainly other than God, can we recognize and realize that it exists but is not affected by change, by space and time? “. This friend seems to be trying hard to explain the point of his question.

The material world is always changing because our conscious mind has worked in the paradigm system of eternal change. We must be in another system to see what is unchanging and ever-present. Do you like or know about meditation? A way or even a lifestyle that can lead us to a state without mind? Or if it is too far, let’s talk about something that always happens to us, which we often experience, often we even talk about, about dreams or at least about sleep. Does the world and time, past or future, exist when we sleep or dream, even though we know that we exist there? Is not that about us, man? Why don’t we try to find out more about what does not change and that always exists?

If you want to join, here is all about 365 Photos Challenge and I am on Day 169.


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  1. If only we would work harder to developing a theoretical model for consciousness. Oh wait, we are too busy teaching creationism and denying climate destabilization…

    • Of course, there must always be an excuse to keep people away from consciousness because the world authorities and all those with an interest in the unconscious condition of mankind are reluctant to lose slaves and markets. People should always be haunted by fear and stay crazy for money.

  2. Such true words, we are in a world of constant change. We don’t know the world of someone else’s world but we are all mortal human beings.
    I do believe in meditation. I think its very important.

  3. I am not always sure what I actually believe. After tragedies my belief ssts is upside down. But in order to be reunited with my son again, I must somehow believe our souls live forever. Past that, I am still working on it.

  4. Interesting point of view, and very different than mine. I believe that my spirit is eternal. I don’t know what the next phase holds, but I believe it exists. I have seen, felt and experienced too many things to not believe it.