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White and Black ~ 365 Photos Challenge #218

Take a piece of white paper and draw a human symbol on it with a black pen. When it’s done, then pay attention to the simple picture.

From plain white paper now there are humans there. There is black inside white and there is white in the black. It is similar to the air outside and inside us, as well as love, peace, energy, existence, emptiness, the universe, consciousness, even divinity.

Remove the picture. What’s left?

The source of all that exists is Absolute Emptiness, the true empty set, the pure darkness that fulfills and encompasses all existence. From where do all the problems, worries, sorrows, sadness, depressions, anger, as well as joy and happiness come? How to eliminate or make it exist?

Or, even maybe ourselves?


What do you think?

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  1. Albert, you’ve become more “zen” … lol
    sometimes I need time to really digest them…

    so what is the paper? after we clear everything, the paper is still there.. lol